Mediation in an economic context begins where conflicts can no longer be resolved in a goal-oriented manner through negotiation and the search for the best arguments. At the heart of our conflict intervention is the understanding that conflict systems have the resolution pathways embedded in them, and that these pathways are in the hands of those responsible: The involved and affected parties.

Conflicts are experienced as particularly critical when those involved experience a high level of stress due to personal belittlements. Resolving issues and making them manageable requires the support of multi-partisan third parties. In contrast to litigious court decisions, solutions by consensus emerge on the basis of tailored processes and interest-based communication.

As mediators registered under the Civil Law Mediation Act, we will support you with proven methods for communication and process design in conflict resolution. Our working method is based on the findings of Konfliktkultur GmbH. We prefer to work in co-mediation.

In an economic context, we attach particular importance to the integration and close communication of and with experts and consultants from relevant fields, such as lawyers, tax advisors etc